Our team of specialists are well educated in the real estate profession and in all stages of construction.  We have a vast amount of experience from small residential construction projects to very large commercial constructions projects.  In addition, we are experts in purchasing distressed properties and bringing them back to life.  Whether you are an agent, an investor looking to off-load your un-finished project, or a home owner in need of a quick closing, we want to purchase your property! 

There are many programs that we can offer:

  • Profit sharing

       This is geared towards new investors that are in over their head and need to exit a project without
       taking a loss.

  • Purchase and lease back

       This is crucial to families that must sell fast, but have special needs and are unable to move;
       e.g. illness, young children, etc.

  • Quick Closings

In addition to the above, we specialize in :

Investment Partnership

Tri-State Treasures LLC is always looking for new partners to help grow our business.  Our mission is ideal for the investor who does not have the experience and / or the time to invest in the real estate market, but understands that now is the opportune time to buy because of fallen prices.  Email InvestorRelations@Tri-StateTreasures.com for an investor packet.

Construction Project Management

Whether you are a home owner or an investor who requires experienced construction project managers to assist with your current and future projects, we can help.  Our project managers have extensive management experience in construction projects ranging in size from $15k to $25MM.  Additionally, we have long-term relationships with many local vendors and contractors.

Property Management

Are you a landlord in need of some extra time?  Let us help by managing your property for you.  We can do everything from emergency 2AM repairs, to your invoicing.  Additionally, we will gladly market and fill your vacancies.  We are not like the other guys who are looking to snag all of your profits; we understand your business and the low margins involved.  That is why we can offer many different reimbursement programs to you.

Commercial and Residential Leasing

Tri-State Treasures, LLC has a full portfolio of commercial and residential properties.  Unfortunately, there are no vacancies at this time.  However, if you're a landlord who is in need of an advice consultant or a property manager, please contact Info@Tri-StateTreasures.com

Property Rehabilitation

Aside from helping distressed home owners, our second biggest pleasure is turning coal into diamonds!  That is why we simply love projects where we are able to express our creative genius and rebuild run-down properties that everyone has given up on.  Our team of designers, project managers, and contractors are able to perform miracles on the most stubborn of projects.  It brings us such joy and a true sense of accomplishment to stand on the curb and review completed projects; it simply changes the atmosphere of the entire block!    

What We Do